USB Charging Adapter (dual)

USB Charging Adapter (dual)

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Convenient charging of smartphones and tablets in the vehicle using the USB charger adapter.

With the USB adapter with 2 sockets, smartphones or tablets can be charged in the vehicle. Connection in vehicle through the 12 volt socket. You can charge 2 mobile end units at the same time using separate charging cables.

The output voltage is 5 Volt at a maximum output amperage of 2 x 2.4 Amps. The charging rate, when charging, depends on the end unit connected and may vary.

Colour: aluminium

Items supplied:

  • Charger adapter, no cable


  • For the following models the USB charger adapter may not remain in or be inserted into the socket when the ignition is switched off or the ignition key is removed: all model year 2006 models and older as well as A1 (before product upgrade 01/2015), A3 (2nd generation to 03/2013 and older), A4/A5 (B7 to 02/2009 and older), A6/A7 (C6 to 09/2011 and older), A8 (D3 to 07/2010 and older), Q7 (1st generation to 03/2015 and older), TT (2nd generation to 03/2014 and older)
  • Not suitable for mobile devices that consume less than 5 Volt/2.4 Amps
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